Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ghosts of Nova Scotia: Tenth Anniversary Edition

Ghosts of Nova Scotia: Tenth Anniversary Edition

Darryll Walsh

176 pages
6" x 9" Trade Paperback
Includes Photographs
ISBN 978-1-897426-21-0
Available in July 2010
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Explore Nova Scotia's colourful legacy of spooks and spectres in this definitive collection of traditional and contemporary tales from Canada's Ocean Playground. For this tenth anniversary edition, Ghosts of Nova Scotia has been comprehensively updated and expanded to include stories of ghosts, banshees, phantom ships, fairies, forerunners, buried treasure, cursed places and much more. Parapsychologist Darryll Walsh has gathered more than 275 haunting stories from every corner of the province and dares you to read them during a stormy night.

From the original Mi'kmaq to the later European colonizations, Nova Scotia has been a melting pot of rich cultural folklore and mysterious events. The extraordinary tales from the past have been handed down from generation to generation with new stories being added over the years, making this province one of the most haunted places on earth.

Discover the phantom admiral who prowls the shores of Bedford Basin; search for hidden gold along the South Shore, if you can avoid the headless ghosts which protect it; explore Nova Scotia's own triangle of terror; prowl the Cape Breton Highlands for Sasquatch, and listen to the horrifying screams echoing through Dagger Woods. Almost every community has its share of terrifying tales and many of them you will find here for the first time. You'll learn of Captain Walter Tygart's unfortunate encounters with Fort Lawrence Ridge's resident witch, Nelly Edwards, in the 1780s and why a headless ghost haunts Minudie. The story of the feu follets, or jack o'lantern, from St. Joseph du Moine, Inverness County, includes advice on how to get rid of this fiery ball of light, while the tale from Malignant Cove reveals how this Antigonish County locale got its name. Whether it's a frightening story of a Grey Lady or the vengeful Gaelic bochdan, these eerie stories present a unique profile of Nova Scotia that will add to our rich history of folklore and mythology.